Introducing the Center for Behavioral Health, LLC

The Center for Behavioral Health (CBH) serves adults and adolescents by providing individually designed mental health and substance abuse programs, offered in a welcoming, interactive and non-judgmental format.

CBH offers adolescent counseling, anger management, medication management (for opiate treatment), individual counseling, couples counseling, and family counseling. Our Wellness and Acupuncture Center serves clients with complementary therapy.  We have 3 acupuncturists available to serve you.

We have found that our innovative, wellness-based methods, woven into sturdy traditional practice, produce striking, durable results.

We know we’ve done our job when clients leave with greater awareness and self-respect, as reflected in healthier life choices!


The State of MarylandColumbia Addictions Center aims to provide comprehensive counseling to those in need. Our dedicated counselors are trained in a number of specialties in order to best serve the diverse needs of our clients. Our organization offers a wide array of services including substance abuse treatment, comprehensive mental health services, anger management, couples counseling, family counseling, intervention and specialized help for teens at risk. With a supportive front desk staff that cares for each individual, all clients will feel welcomed while receiving the treatment they require. Read what people are saying about CAC!



Message From The Director

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