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Eileen Dewey, Director
Eileen Dewey, Director

Welcoming, Interactive and Non-Judgmental.

Columbia Treatment Center offers a wide array of services including substance abuse treatment, comprehensive mental health services, anger management, DUI/DWI classes, couples counseling, family counseling, intervention and specialized help for teens at risk. Our Wellness and Acupuncture Center serves clients with complementary therapy. We have found that our innovative, wellness-based methods, woven into sturdy traditional practice, produce striking, durable results. Read what people are saying.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a State Certified outpatient counseling center.
  • Our counselors are Licensed/Certified in addictions treatment.
  • We have established professional relationships with a vast number of community resources.
  • Our counselors have extensive training in a variety of specialties (anger management, interventions, alternative therapies, etc.).
  • Our non-judgmental, compassionate approach emphasizes growth and accountability, not blame.

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