Columbia Addictions Center - OfficeEileen Dewey, a clinical social worker, and Dr. William Schlothober opened the Columbia Treatment Center in 1988 to service people struggling with substance abuse.

The center has been under the sole leadership of Eileen Dewey for over 25 years, and has grown into a multifaceted program, which has become the Center for Behavioral Health.

The goal of the center has always been to provide compassionate and effective behavioral health care in an environment free of judgement and blame. Clients experience a collaborative relationship with a professional team that supports them in setting and achieving their personal goals.

Throughout the years, and as demands changed, we have analyzed and improved services, continually creating new programs. Treatment plans are as individual as each client. The center now offers an integrative program for substance abuse, mental health, and wellness services.

About Our Maryland Outpatient Treatment Center

Columbia Treatment Center provides outpatient care for our clients seeking professional support to meet their substance abuse treatment needs and goals. Outpatient treatment begins with a thorough evaluation to assess an individual’s overall substance use in the broader context of their life, exploring mental health, physical health, family dynamics, substance use history, and life stressors. After their initial evaluation, participants in the outpatient program are then provided a customized treatment plan consisting of a combination of substance use groups, individual therapy, drug and alcohol screening, and relapse prevention support. A Maryland outpatient treatment center, like CAC, will provide a tailored program that prepares you for a successful and sustainable recovery.

At Columbia Treatment Center, a Maryland outpatient treatment center, you will participate in treatment to help you identify and cope with the underlying issues that contributed to your substance use and abuse. Through group counseling sessions you will learn and apply new coping skills and relapse prevention techniques. Outpatient care may be a first step in your treatment. It may also be a continuation of treatment that has already begun. Outpatient care is highly encouraged for anyone who is transitioning from an inpatient rehabilitation program back to daily life. During this transitional phase, Columbia Treatment Center offers professional support as you readjust to your everyday life. This supported transition can make all the difference in the long-term success of your recovery.

A Maryland outpatient treatment center, like CAC, will include therapies such as:

  • Life skills training
  • Individual therapy
  • Anger management
  • Mental health treatment
  • Sobriety monitoring
  • Stress management education
  • Relapse prevention skills

This range and variety of treatment modalities will  ensure your health and growth in all areas of life as part of your recovery.

Certified, Experienced, Compassionate

The staff of dedicated professionals at the center is considered to be the top in their field, and have been carefully chosen to be a part of the team. Meet the staff

The center offers training for young professionals, college interns, university practicum students, and professional colleagues as well. Students from nearly 20 local and national colleges and universities have studied at the center. Eileen chaired the Continuing Education Program for the Maryland Society of Clinical Social Work through the 1990’s and into 2001. Since that time, she and her staff have offered numerous workshops to professionals in the mental health and substance abuse community.

The center has been the recipient of a number of awards. Most recently, we received an Honorary Resolution from the Howard County Council for the impressive contributions we have made to the health and well-being of our clients.

Over-looking a quiet, wooded setting, the center offers clients a peaceful and serene environment to encourage personal growth and change.

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At Columbia Treatment Center, you will never face your substance use disorder alone. Our supportive and friendly staff will be by your side throughout the process. Our Maryland Outpatient Treatment Center will help you transition back to daily life with confidence and stability.

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Please note: in 2019, we changed our name to be more inclusive of all our services.

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