1. Form F – Release of Confidential Information
  2. Form G – CAC Program Policies and Informed Consent
  3. Letters Needed Form — if you need any correspondence sent to a lawyer, physician, school, probation officer, etc., you must complete this form.

The SIGNED and completed form can be mailed, emailed, brought in, or faxed to our office. Please allow 5 business days for completion. Fax: 410-730-1559.

CALL: 410-730-1333 CAC is a State Certified outpatient counseling center.
Our counselors are Licensed/Certified in addictions treatment.
CAC has established professional relationships with a vast number of community resources.
Our counselors have extensive training in a variety of specialties (anger management, interventions, alternative therapies, etc.).
Our non-judgmental, compassionate approach emphasizes growth and accountability, not blame.