What People Are Saying About Us

“CAC’s groups help you open up about your problem and recognize when one exists.”   -anon

“I’ve learned so much and plan to pass it all on to others. Everyone had vast knowledge and opened my eyes so much.” -anon

“No one at Columbia Addictions Center judges me. They provide great insight and valuable information.”   -EC

“Everyone was nice and caring, showed interest and helped a lot.  Great program.”   -LZ

“The program was highly effective in educating me on the misconceptions of substance use.”   -BS

“Presents information in a real world approach which is most useful.”   -anon

“The group participation and open environment exceeded my expectations.”   -JY

“I appreciate the non-preachy, non-judgmental aspect. Also the critical thinking and societal awareness. Mike Green is really great!”   -JS

“There is no judging. We can all speak honestly.”   -AR

“I was so impressed with the customer service of the entire staff: front desk, management, counselors, etc. They were all so helpful when I would call with questions or needed help.  Judy was amazing. Getting started into the program, I felt a little uncomfortable sharing my feelings with strangers and with a counselor I didn’t know. After the 2nd or 3rd class, I felt so comfortable. Judy was so warm and welcoming. The front Desk always had smiles, were very helpful, and made my visits extremely positive. I enjoyed each and every visit and hopefully….I will not be back!)”   -ML

“The classes are done without judgment and the group setting helps you understand that you are not alone.”   -TM

“I felt speaking with others made me feel like I wasn’t alone in this situation.”   -SL

“Mike is the MAN! You can see in his eyes and hear in his voice that he is able to relate. He really helped and deserves a raise!”   -anon

“Best program I have ever seen, heard of, or taken. Highly recommend to anybody I know dealing with anything similar.”   -E

“Has been a positive experience in an otherwise negative situation.”   -KD

“I really enjoyed the staff and all the group members. It was more fun than I expected. Mike is a great speaker and friendly. Judy was very inspiring and insightful. Litsa was energetic and happy.”   -MB

“I felt like the counselors were actually invested in our rehabilitation. Everything was very professional and I had a good experience.”   -VC

“The great speakers create a safe space for the group to discuss stress around substance issues/DUIs. I learned how to make better decisions in the future.”   -MM

“Front Desk always had smiles, were very helpful, and made my visits extremely positive. I never dreaded going to class because of everyone there. I enjoyed each and every visit.”   -anon

“You guys are always so nice to talk to. You’re all so nice and polite.”   -anon

“I would like to give a shout-out to Melinda. She was wonderful, and always had my progress letters ready for me, even if I forgot to fill out the progress report request form!”   -anon

“I will refer anyone to Columbia Addictions Center! (and hopefully I will NOT be back!)”   -anon